Permission to Wait

I’m new to this blogging thing.  THANKS, in advance, for your understanding.

For those of you who regularly receive my monthly e.newsletter, you may have noticed one didn’t arrive last month.  Truth is, I was just plain feeling awful.  So I gave myself permission to let some things go.  One was the e.newsletter.  If you missed the WORD for last month, here it is – 

The July word is WAIT.

The next time you feel pressured to choose, act or react – WAIT.
before speaking
before choosing
until the mud settles and your answer is clear.Let THEM wait.

Let’s face it, things happen when they happen.  IT’S not up to US.  So


While you’re waiting, realize that waiting doesn’t prevent you from being IN the moment.  On the contrary.  Waiting is being where you are as IT IS.  Waiting is not fretting, planning or negotiating. Waiting is what IS.

Wait with patience – avoiding tapping your finger or toes.
Wait with hope – overshadowing you fear.
Wait with breath – not exaggerated sighs.
Wait in calm – knowing All Shall be Well (honest!).

So the next time you hear someone calling for a WAITER – let it be you. 



15 thoughts on “Permission to Wait

  1. permission to wait??? moi?? what a novel idea.
    but a holy one – it has been working on me since I read it -thankuthankuthanku. BTW I watched a big ol’ mama sea turtle lumber down to the water Thursday night – talk about holy!

  2. Oh my- this one I need cause my nature says the opposite. I am as good at waiting as my faith is in that moment of wait, so it fluctuates.
    Love ya gal!

  3. Thanks for these words. They always touch my soul in some way. You are such a dear in sharing your heart and thoughts.

    Thak care.


  4. Carol M ~ your turtle story rocks~ bet that took some WAITING. thanks for taking us with you.

    Ginger ~ you forget, i’ve WATCHED you wait. you’re better than you give yourself credit. love you, too!

    Carol T ~ thanks for connecting. you’re dear to me, too. be WELL.

  5. Lisa,

    Thanks for the reminder that it’s okay to wait for everything. That was a part of my makeup; but I’ve been associated with others who can’t wait for so long, that I’ve become impatient myself. You are so full of wisdom, and I’m so grateful.


  6. Janice,
    waiting doesn’t come naturally for me, but it sure is becoming a welcome companion.
    THANKS for taking the time to comment.

  7. I sometimes think I have waited too easily, too long for too many things……time seems to be running out! Thank you for reminding me to be “in the moment”. Perhaps if I am TRULY THERE, there really isn’t anything to WAIT for!!!!

  8. As I read Lisa’s word of the month newsletter, what comes to mind is a belief that has sustained me in oh so many ways. This belief is…ask and it will appear. When we get out of our own way and open ourselves to what is possible, anything can happen!!! So of course, for me, it was quite apparent when I opened Lisa’s newsletter, PERMIT was exactly what the “doctor ordered”
    as the saying goes!!! For the last few weeks, the permission that I have given myself to live my truth, be myself and just love life has been huge so once again reading Lisa’s word of the month hit a wonderul note with me.

    Lisa, thanks so much for starting your blog..I so look forward to the many words of wisdom that will come from your readers!!!

  9. thanks for your encouraging words, Robin.
    *ask and it will appear*… the ULTIMATE permission – YAY YOU!

  10. I’ve been WAITING to respond, Lisa. How blessed I am to receive your wisdom and counsel in sooooo many ways. This word is one I need to focus on…….just hoping it gets easier with practice!
    love you today

  11. Never underestimate a woman who does not wait! Carry on GF……..over across the pond.

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