If I Show You Mine…?

Earlier this year a powerful book was released and has caused quite a buzzzzzzzz.   I just learned about it last week from some pals and have since read it and about it all over the net.  I even featured it in my monthly e.newsletter.  Not Quite What I was Planning – Six Word Memoirs from Writers Obscure and Famous is the book.  

If you’ve not yet read or even heard about it, you’re in for a treat and a challenge.  The first part of the book title is a great example of one of the entries.  Here’s a video explanation and plenty of examples.

Now for the challenge.  

As of THIS MOMENT my six word memoir is “Laughed and cried every single day.”

Will you show me yours?

12 thoughts on “If I Show You Mine…?

  1. lol! how well i know THAT feeling about not remembering, Lisa!!
    yup, the book (and site) is great.

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