Corny stuff

Today I learned that every corn cob has the same number of silk strands as kernels of corn.   Who knew?

I love learning.  I especially love learning things I’ve never even thought about – like the ratio of corn silk to kernels.

Each night I journal about what I’ve learned that day.  Some are things I wanted to know – some aren’t.

What did you learn today?

4 thoughts on “Corny stuff

  1. thank, Lisa! you were one of my main inspirations to step into Blog.World. THANKS!

  2. Lisa, I’m so glad I found you again! I’ve been rather lost myself so I couldn’t figure out how to find you. When you get back, I’d love to see you again – I’ve missed you! And I’m glad to see you have kept on Creating and Inspiring others – bless you, Godfriend!!

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