Dancing with Monsters

I just finished the experience of my third annual Camp Waccamaw (hosting my great nieces and nephew and some of their pals – nine of us in all).  The time was rich and filling in SO many ways.

These kids’ joy was just plain pure.  It helped me ponder my own happiness and joy.  I consider myself a relatively joyful person.  Thanks to these kids I have now have a new check point for happiness.    Over the weekend, one of the kids said to me, ” It’s not that bad things don’t happen, it’s that I don’t have to let them be monsters that take over my life.”

wOw!   I celebrate having wise kids in my family.

How do you dance with the monsters that try to control your life?

3 thoughts on “Dancing with Monsters

  1. Well, even though the monsters do show up at the dance sometimes-I just try not to let them lead!
    Glad your weekend was so great…miss ya and see you soon I hope!

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