One just never knows…

Late this afternoon I saw something unusual – ducklings in August!

Usually ducklings this size join us in March and April, but this has been an UNusual summer in North Carolina.   It’s been an unusual time in many places.

The unusual usually surprises. 

 I love surprises.

What’s surprised you lately?

2 thoughts on “One just never knows…

  1. Grace started third grade Monday.I was checking her bookbag and saw she had filled uot an “all about you paper” The answers were so cool…I was a little surprised to find that “things that bug me” brought an answer of “loud noises”-but shouldn’t have been since it’s the reason she refused to take dance lessons when she was 5.
    Things I hate to do was,”get in trouble” Her best friend was listed as God…and the biggie-
    My goal in life? Reaching 3rd grade! Way to set those attainable short term goals Gracie!

  2. how WONDER.FULL, Ginger! love Gracie’s goal, too!!
    THANKS for sharing her wisdom with us.

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