(some of) what I learned on my summer vacation ~

I am a Carolina girl.  I love our coast.  I love our seafood.  I love our music.  I don’t always love our heat though.

That’s where Alaska comes in.

I recently made my third visit there in search of some cooler air.  I  found that and was surprised by much, much more.  What surprised me most on this trip to Alaska was that I was surprised so often.  I don’t surprise easily.

Some of the surprises were physical – like how gorgeous 15 days that all contained some rain were.

Some were emotional – like how the woman we met at the end of the Nabesna Road gave us just baked chocolate chip cookies as we prepared to head back to the real world.

Some were spiritual – like the “about 12 items”  sign over the grocery store’s express aisle.

Some were healing – like meeting Sarah (not THAT Sarah) at Mako’s Water Taxi in Homer and hearing about her dear pal whose body also had MS.

Some were political – like the blinding glimpse of the obvious (BGO) that some Alaskans love THAT Sarah and some don’t.

Some were heart stopping– like my sweetheart Tom meeting a bear while hiking.

Some were breathtaking – like the double rainbow we witnessed over Cook Inlet.

Some were mind boggling – like the fact that there’s “about” one square mile of land per every Alaskan.

Some were economic – like the “.30 Eat In Tax” at McDonald’s (I admit it, i LOVE Egg McMuffins!) and paying $4.74 for gas with the Alaskan Pipeline right in front of us.

Some were humbling – like seeing REAL LIVE bald eagles, bear, caribou, elk, moose, musk ox, bison, seals, whale, sea otters, puffin and oh yeah – salmon.

All were beautiful – and yes, I will post a link to images on this blog as soon as they’re edited.

In short, I learned that surprises abound.  And I’m ready for more.

When and how have you been recently surprised?

3 thoughts on “(some of) what I learned on my summer vacation ~

  1. I’ve been on the road, too. I had to go up to my home to Elmira, NY for a funeral. It was no surprise that such a sad occasion could also be wonderful because of the opportunity to reconnect with family members, but what blew me away was the incredible beauty of the hills in autumn. I was surprised that I could have lived in that landscape for all those years of my youth and taken it for granted! As we wound through the rolling hills between Mansfield Pa. and Elmira I was almost in tears, exclaiming every few seconds , “Look at that! Just LOOK at that!” It seemed too beautiful to be real. It was a reminder to me to stay in the moment and be aware of the beauty around us that we are so often blind to in our daily lives.

  2. I was blessed to have lived on Kodiak from 77-79. The experience gave me memories for a life time.
    The auora borealis was beatiful and snow sliding down Barometer Mountain was breath-taking.

    There are times in our lives we can share with others as well

  3. ML, am still smiling at your descriptions above. THANKS for taking the time to share these holy & beautiful lessons.

    Richard, i’ve not yet made it to Kodiak AND WILL. thanks for the nudge and for your lifetime friendship.

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