Worry seems to be the governing force these days – politically, economically and emotionally.

What good is worry?

Does it impact who our next President and Vice President will be?

Does it fix this economic mess?

Does it remove that knot in my gut?

Of course not.

So I’m choosing not to worry.    I’m going to pay attention instead.

I’m going to research the facts; analyze the data; make the best informed choices I can; then I’m going to take my dogs for a walk, find some kids to play with and breathe.   After that, I’ll have a salad (with some great dressing!),  watch this video again and keep paying attention.

I hope you will, too.

4 thoughts on “WWPND?

  1. Better worry about the canal…….it needs all the thought;s we can gather……greed is a shamful harm to risk on this beautiful Lake, BUT they will not worry………risk and reward ! That’s the name of the Timber Com. game…$$$$$$

  2. Glad I had an opportunity to view the piece on the Hole in the Wall Gang and Paul Newman. Some one who shared a gift and changed the world for many!

  3. am tickled you liked this spot about Paul Newman, Richard. he’s definitely a life model to me.

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