Why do we hurt ourselves?

We all have bad days. One of my wonder dogs – Aslan – has been having a lot lately.

She started chewing the fur off her tail and backside.  So she and I had to resort to difficult means to shift her behavior.   As you can tell from this image, she’s NOT happy with the shifts.  The chewing HAS stopped ( gotta tell you, this alternative to that lamp shade kinda collar DOES WORK!).

So my question is this –  what kind of desperate measures have you had to take to shift your harmful behavior (NOPE, no need to post the specifics here- i just invite you to hold them in your heart & mind)?

5 thoughts on “Why do we hurt ourselves?

  1. right you are, Rach ~ Aslan was MIGHTY UNhappy. thankfully, she’s MUCH healthier now. thanks & love ~

  2. Hi Lisa,

    I feel so bad for your wonder dog Aslan, I have a pooch w/ similar itching issues, his are tied to seasonal allergies just like mine!

    I know this thread is a little old, but …

    I changed his food to this wonderful stuff that is all organic, natural and good for dog … it is called “WELLNESS” you can find a place to buy it in your area by searching their site here: http://www.wellnesspetfood.com/

    This stuff is magical – my dog Charger’s coat is beautiful now, he’s not had the itches and loss of fur as he’s had his entire 12 year life (I wish I had known about this food sooner! He has been on Rx food from the VET and still had issues!)

    You may want to give it a try … I’ve got my brothers 4 cocker spaniels, my son’s two dogs and anyone else that I can talk to trying this food – they end up sticking with it – Even my b00b00 dog Charger likes to eat his food now – before he could care less … now if the bowl is empty he lets me know 🙂

    Another thing to ask your vet, is how much benadryl can you give Aslan, that also works for Charger when the allergies aggravate to extremes ~~~

    Hugs to you!

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