tonight I joined the 21st century…

Thanks to Rob, the son (and pal) of my dear pals Roberta and Roy – as I type this message I’m listening to music from my very own Ipod.  I know.  It’s scarey for me too.

It’s also freeing.  Thanks to Rob, I’ve joined the 21st century.   I’m already kicking myself for not joining earlier.  I’m sitting here thinking of ALL THE COOL STUFF I can now take with me every where I go.

I’m also wondering why I need to take so much stuff with me.  Ever wonder that?   Remember rotary phones?

I kinda miss that feeling of pausing with each digit I dialed.  I kinda miss the anticipation of waiting for the connection that was about to happen – like a curtain opening on a new scene.

Ah well, I guess those days are gone.   I remember them though.  How about you?  What do you gently miss as you program your Ipod?  And while you’re at it, found any kewl podcasts lately <grin>?

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