I’m always humbled and honored by my American citizenship.  My dad was a Marine.   2001 – A Space Odyssey was the first movie I went to as a kid where we didn’t sing along with the national anthem before the movie started – only because it was my first visit to a civilian theater .  I was stunned that night.  Tonight I’m even more stunned.

As I type this message, I’m listening to a very honorable man commit his support to his political opponent and urge his supporters to follow suit.   Before turning in, I’ll hear another very honorable man accept his new responsibilities.

At this moment, I’m in awe of both men.   I’m full of gratitude to them both for the sacrifices they have made and will make on my behalf.

And I’m full of hope.

4 thoughts on “Honor

  1. hope is the thing with feathers
    that perches in the soul,
    and sings the tune–without the words,
    and never stops at all

    I am overfull of gratitude to have witnessed this day. a wise person said that to live in the midst of two opposing tensions was the way to wisdom.

  2. I clearly remember my first year of college and going home one November day to vote. We were singing to Carol King as we rode down hwy 43. It was one of those days in your life that you keep forever inside you and can bring up at will with astonishing clarity so many years later. I wondered aloud how my vote as a newly minted 18 year old would change the world. After all Gerald Ford, given more time, could turn out to be the best president ever and my vote for him would be more than justified. What wonderful memories and what a wonderful day! I thank you Lisa for sharing that day with me….and for taking me home so that I could vote for the first time. Mr. Thompson was undoubtedly very proud of us!

  3. oooooooooooooTheresa~ what a HOLY memory that is! i’m so glad you ‘membered that special day too. i thought of it often on this past election day.
    THANKS friend!

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