Which is more important – the question or the answer?

Lots of us are asking lots of questions these days.

And lots of people are offering answers.   Which often lead to more questions.

This is the time of year I always revisit my business plan.   I’m looking for trends for  lessons for answers – so I can make adjustments for the coming year.   THIS coming year is full of uncertainty.   Trends seem less easy to pinpoint.  Lessons seem more gray.  Answers seem, well, full of more questions.

Everything’s relative, I guess.

"Hope is the root of discovery."  -Albert Einstein

“If this changes, then I need to change this.”

“If this stays the same then I need to figure out how to keep this the same.”

Yep, it’s all relative.      Just like Life.

How can we be sure we know what we need to know to be/do the right thing  (adjusting our business plan, reallocating our retirement plan portfolio, choosing which flat screen TV to buy,  or which Christmas lay-away plan to choose…)?    Does the knowing come from the answers we get or the questions we ask?

Or all of these questions pointless?

Einstein said that “Hope is at the root of discovery.”   Not questions.  Not answers.  Not even relativity.

I think I’m going to focus my energy on Hope.

2 thoughts on “Which is more important – the question or the answer?

  1. I think that is a safe and sound word for all of us
    HOPE>>>>>not sure if it is sound, but it is a start……….”don’t worry be happy” did you ever have that song stuck in your brain?….just a thought.LOL

  2. thanks a LOT Cathy… now i’ll be humming that song in my head ALL DAY.

    HOPE not! -ha!

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