Living in The Gap

… NOT the store – the state of being.  

Doesn’t it seem that this life of ours is an eternal journey from being in one place/state and wanting to be in another?  Be it political, economic, professional, relational, spiritual, physical – we humans are very seldom WHERE we want to be.   We’re in The Gap betwixt and between.

Seems kinda sad to me – wasting all that time wishing for something that isn’t What Is.   Why can’t we let The Gap be a GOOD place, too?

One of my favorite artists is a guy named Brian Andreas.  I have pieces of his work in almost every room of my home.  I just found a great YouTube spot about the piece I have behind my kitchen sink.   It helps me remember that The Gap ain’t such a bad place – especially since it’s where I LIVE.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.   ALSO hope this next year of your Gap Time is rich and filling in many ways.

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