Just like riding a bike…

Bike riding provides so many great metaphors for life:
balancing acts;
focusing our energy on power (the back wheel) or direction (the front wheel);
things you don’t forget how to do;
when you crash, get back on and go;
standing out in the crowd (by riding the coolest bike);
and making things our own (remember putting playing cards on the wheels?).


I was watching some kids riding their new bikes early this morning.    All day I’ve had fleeting memories of great lessons I’ve learned on a bike.

What has riding a bike (even a motoriZeD one) taught you about life?

8 thoughts on “Just like riding a bike…

  1. when I was about 6 or 7, my first bike, my dad ran along behind me applying a steadying hand to keep me upright. He let go without telling me and I was fine, peddling on my own, until I looked back – BAM!! -hit the paved street. Many lessons there, about who to trust and how to remain upright – but most salient is if you are riding along, don’t look back.

  2. Teaching the lady who worked for us when we were kids, she was old then ,to me , but she loved her “wheel” as she called it …so you are never to old Ride mama ride! We also gave her a bike to ride to the store on ,she was so sweet and a dear lady… Maid as she called herself, but she was always with us as was her daughter -Edna,who now lives in NYC and is trying to be an artist.Makes me smile!

  3. wonderFULL memory, Cathy.
    and you’re never too old for ANYTHING – as YOU LIVE every day ~ THANKS!

  4. From my 31 year old Honda 750, I’ve learned…
    –Even if you paint the tank a bright, new red, if there’s sill rust inside it’ll never run right;
    –If it sits too long without doing anything, it’s hard to get it started;
    –When it’s a pretty day and it’s running right, it’s hard to think about anything bad;
    –Old bikes are fun, but they’re not people.

  5. ooooooooo RoyO~
    looks like there’s a Presbyterian Zen Master up there on RoundTop! WONDERFUL.

  6. it really IS a kewl bike, eh Lisa? found this one while out enjoying Christmas lights.

    hope all your riding is healthy and joyFULL.

    thanks for connecting!

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