4 thoughts on “How do you forgive?

  1. I just do. If I have trouble then I pray for God to make it so and He does…Sometimes after a bit of time has passed but He does.
    I don’t have a lot of problem in this area for some reason. I attended a spiritual gifts workshop once, and Mercy was identified as one of my gifts so maybe that is why.
    …Now being overly sensitive-yeah I need some help on that one so hook me up SSis!

  2. not easily-usually comes from (truthfully) lying in bed, covers over my head, saying “godgodgodgod – help me cause I am so ____________ and can’t let go.” and then she does – but what it takes for me to get there, the asking place I mean, is a lot of unnecessary suffering-hence my intention to attend the retreat.

  3. thanks, Carol ~ you are not alone in this adventure. SO looking forward to sharing retreat time with you!

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