2 thoughts on “Magic?

  1. I’d seen this video before, but always love seeing it again. Truly amazing, and one of the best acts I’ve seen in years.

    And as far as when I’ve seen something magical….well, I guess I do every day. I just need to look around and see how beautiful life is. Don’t do that nearly enough, because I take so much for granted. But in my finer moments, when I really do stop and look, the magic of Nature always astounds me. Daffodils that bloom in January, birds that cover my front lawn, squirrels that constantly race across my front and back yards, trees that have withstood years and years of storms and still remain strong, hawks and pileated woodpeckers that cry out in the woods behind my house. There’s magic everywhere…if we just stop and take the time to see it. And when we do take the time to actually stop and see it all, how can we not be amazed…and humbled by the gifts we have.

  2. wOw ~ daffodils in January – gotta love that!

    Thanks so much for sending us the rich reminder.

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