The magic of music ~

My pal Fern sent me the most lovely gift – a copy of her daughter Lia Rose’s CD,  Built for the Sea.    This music transforms my spirit.     It’s going to be my Valentine’s Day CD of choice.      The clip below is another example of Lia’s creative gifts – thanks, Lia!    Hope you all enjoy as much as I do ~

What music is transforming you these days?

4 thoughts on “The magic of music ~

  1. Yo-Yo Ma and Mark O’Conner’s Appalachia Waltz (Solo Cello Version) it’s slow, meditative tempo bids me be still.

  2. I am currently having the pleasure of finding common ground in music with our children. I was floored when my daughter’s request for her 18th birthday was to have the entire family go to a Richie Havens concert in Asheville, and it was AWESOME! It felt more like a spiritual experience than a concert. He is still singing of his hopes for love, peace, and freedom with the same energy he had back in the Woodstock era. Time has only made him better. To keep up with newer music, however, I went with Emily recently to see an “inde” band, Dr. Dog, and that was great too! I’ve hooked Emily on Joni M., and we love singing along with her as we drive to and fro Winston Salem! I suppose the transformation here has something to do with a feeling of agelessness, a feeling of being able to simply exist in the moment of the music…..

  3. ML,
    how KEWL! wish i coulda tagged along to BOTH shows~ and Joni ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
    great to know she’s helping Emily too :).
    hope i’m get to see you soon.

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