What’s up with that?

So today I’m on a liquid-fest, in prepartation for one of  those “50 -year-old” tests so many of us know and love (think Katie Couric here).      Why is is that all I can think about is how much I want something – anything to eat?   I’m not even hungry.   I’m just missing what I “can’t” have.     What’s up with that?   apple-braeburn1

Why do we humans so often focus our energy on what’s missing rather than what’s present?

I look forward to your responses.   And while you’re pondering – anyone know how to turn dark chocolate into a clear broth?

4 thoughts on “What’s up with that?

  1. no, but the prep for that “about to be 50” test does grant permission to eat biscuits and gravy the next day.

  2. LOL ~ thanks for the permission, Carol. am not a huge biscuit fan – not to fret tho, i’ll make up for it in other ways.

  3. lisa, i know why~ you focus on “what you can’t have” because your stomach isn’t listening to your head????? or is it the other way around?
    but here’s what’s important: envision a perfect test, so will i!!!
    and p.s. where is your “forgiveness” post?

  4. THANKS Jane – i’m imagining it!!!

    and i sent you a link to the forgiveness post.

    much loveeeeeeeeeee your way ~

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