an even dozen thank you

A few months ago I wrote a post about the phenomenon of the book Not Quite What I was Planning – Six Word Memoirs from Writers Obscure and Famous .   redcarpet

I CELEBRATE the opportunity to use words

mindfully.  So I thought it would be fun

to ask another ‘finite word response” 


Here’s the setting – you’ve made it down the

red carpet (looking MAHVALOUS, I might add)

and are about to recieve an award for living

the life you’re living.   


What 12 words would you use to say THANKS?

4 thoughts on “an even dozen thank you

  1. wOw! great job, ya’ll!
    Rach, hope your joy is continuing.
    Tom, congrats on the bailout!
    and Cathy, this eBay junkie will keep her eyes peeled – ha!

    looking forward to reading more ~~~~

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