Bartering ~ the universal currency

Do you barter?   If not – try it, you might like it. barter3

I LOVE to barter!   For years, many members  of an online artist community I’m part of have joined forces to barter for gifts.     It’s tough when you make art, ’cause sooner or later – the people you love get sick of  receiving goodies you make.  I get that, who really needs 15 journals? – ha! Now I can surprise my pals with exquisite glass work, pottery, jewelry, etc.   It’s definitely win-win.

I barter with a pal from the northwest.    He sends me killer coffee and I send him NC BBQ.  YUM for all!

I barter with another paper maker who lives across the world.  I send her tobacco-based paper and she sends me paper made from plants local to her.  Gotta love that!

I bartered for my favorite ring.   The artist wanted wedding books for her sister’s wedding – so we swapped.  YAY!

In my community, I get to  fuel my craving for coffee and live plants by bartering with two of my favorite  business buds.

There are tons of bartering tips and sites online.    Here’s a great  comprehensive one that even touches on the info our IRS needs regarding bartering activities (no free lunch, ya know).  The bartering opportunities on Craig’s List are HUGE.   Bartering co.ops are popping up all over the country.   If your area doesn’t have one – why not start one?

SOOOOOOOOOOOOO… what’s been your favorite bartering adventure?   What bartering lessons are you willing to share here?  Let’s TRADE!

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