hide and seek

Last night I finally got to see the movie Lars and the Real Girl.   wOw!

On SO many levels, this movie is fabulous – the acting, the quirky story, the characters, and the underlying message (to me, at least) about our human need to hide behind (or beside) something that makes us feel safe for as long as we need it.

Biancas come in countless forms:  baby blankets; reading a book while eating alone at a restaurant; trying to always be BuSy to avoid feeling or thinking; nurturing old, worn out hurts;  any unhealthy habits …

In case you haven’t yet seen this great flick, here’s the official trailer.  Not to fret, it’s not a spolier.  This whole movie is SO worth seeing!

Lars is nudging me to ponder my own Biancas and if i still need them.

How ’bout you?

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