a word free manifesto

I just read ZenBandit’s post on manifestos.  For those who might not know, ZenBandit is Brian Andreas’ blog identity.   Brian Andreas is one of my two alltime favorite artists (the other is Jane Stone –  her story is for another post).  I have a piece of Brian’s work in every room of my home – well, not the laundry room.   I’ll fix that when I finish this post.

Anywhoooooooooooooo – back to manifestos.  What I got from his post is that there’s a very vital place for manifestos these days and the process of writing a manifesto must be profound and healing.    That lead me to pondering the word ‘ manifesto’.  It’s derived from the word ‘manifestare’, which is Latin for ‘make public’.

So THEN I got to pondering what’s so important to me that I’d HAVE to make it public?peaceonhome5

I sat here for a while.   I noticed how beautiful it is outside today.  I went out to finish hanging the dear gift an even more dear pal gave me this weekend.   

Then it hit me – maybe some manifestos don’t have words.

I’m going back outside now, right after I put some of Brian’s artwork in my laundry room.

5 thoughts on “a word free manifesto

  1. Thanks, Lisa, for expanding the idea of a manifesto even more. Your visual manifesto is such a clear statement of what you stand for…

    Now, go put up more artwork in the laundry room.. 🙂

    with love, Brian

  2. SO appreciate your chiming in, Brian.

    btw – “secret heart” in now in my laundry room – whew.

    i send you all that is good.

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