spring forward

We’ve already changed our clocks.   Now it’s time to change our focus.

I got to witness the coolest thing last Christmas.  I was in line at one of the Big Box stores (I know, I know…).  A young mother was ahead of me in line.  Her basket was full of food, gifts, Christmas supplies and three kids.   There was an older gentleman ahead of her – buying some gardening supplies.   After he’d paid for his stuff and moved on, the young woman prepared to pay for her huge collection of stuff.   That’s when the sales clerk held up a gift card and said, “Did you know that man?   He just left this card for you – it has $250 on it.”    We were all stunned.  We all shed a few tears.   We all smiled from our hearts all the way into our eyes.
                                                            It was a sacred wOw moment.
That man changed Christmas for not only that young woman and her family, but for me, the sales clerk and I bet everyone we told.


Yep, there is so much tough stuff going on these days.  There is also a lot of KINDNESS happening, too.   So I’m choosing to focus on the kindness rather than the fear.   I’m choosing to Spring Forward.
And you can too.    If you want to join me in springing kindness forward, feel free to download these cards from this page of my website and go for it.   These FREE cards will be available all Spring.

9 thoughts on “spring forward

  1. I was in Charleston recently for the wedding of a good friend. After the wedding, I was back at my motel for the night, and went to the front desk to see if I could find a copy of USA Today to read before I retired for the night. At the front desk was a very nice (and very young) couple checking in for the night. The young man was wearing a white uniform, and I inquired about it. He said he had just joined the Army, and this was his initial uniform. I thanked him for his service, and wished him well…and to say “stay safe.” I overhead his wife telling the desk clerk that she only had the money to pay for $50 of their total $70 bill…but she’d find a way to pay the additional $20 when they checked out. When they left, I told the desk clerk that I’d pay the extra $20 on their bill. The clerk asked if I knew the couple, and I said I didn’t, but if this young man was preparing to serve his country, he needed all the help he could get. I’m sure when they checked out, the couple was surprised that a total stranger would help pay their bill. Sometimes you need to do what’s good. The payback comes later….when you need to account for who you are.

  2. YAY Tom ~ you are a Spring Forward rock star! thanks for letting us all know about your SPRINGing.

  3. Thanks for reminding us of all the goodness, kindness, and good will that is everywhere around us!!!

  4. Working with middle school kids everyday, I am constantly reminded of the need for more kindness in our lives, and I’m not talking about anything monetary—just plain ol’ respect for another human being. I don’t know if the rampant incivility I see is due to the the media or what, but I find myself giving daily reminders that telling someone to “shut up” is not acceptable, and that “he did it first” is not an excuse for an unkind word or action. These kids do want to love and be loved, however. I am always amazed that sometimes it’s the “baddest” of the bad that want to come up and hug me, somehow knowing that my hugs are unconditional. These kids do respond to kindness— a hug, a smile, a thumbs-up. Sometimes it takes a little “fake it ’til you make it” as I deal with these kids, but I feel such awe when I feel the flow of give and take, and I feel so much richer for it! I need to think about how I can “spring” some of you kindness cards on my students……

  5. you are LIVING this whole Spring Forward thing with your kids, Mary Louise ~ THANKS and wOw! hope you’ll let us know how the kids react to springing it forward themselves.

  6. I particularly love what Lisa says regarding “springing out of relationahips that are no longer healthy for you.”In the last week, I have let go of extrmely toxic relationships that are no longer working. I have finally let go completely and it has been amazing what has opened up for me. I am meeting some of the most connected and spiritual people, people who really get what matters in the world. I am learning on an even greater level who I am and what I was put on this Earth to do!!

    I have allowed myself to breathe,to be reflective and most of all to just love life!!!

  7. What a wonderful story Tom has shared with us about the couple in the hotel and how heartwarming is the story that Lisa has shared with us regarding the gentleman in the store who left a gift card for the young mother?

    This is what life is all about!! Focusing out!!! As we enjoy these beautiful days that life has handed to us, let’s all “spring forward”, and make a difference in someone’s life everyday. Whether it is a kind word to a child, or helping an elderly person in the grocery store or just letting that special friend know how much they mean to you!!
    I wish you all a weekend that is fun and filled with great laughter!!!

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