unlikely friendships

My wonderdogs took me for a walk today.  We spotted these unlikely pals.


Not to fret.  There was a canal between the dogs & me & these guys (or gals – I didn’t check).  During the rest of our walk, I was pondering the unlikely friendships in my own life:

the ones where we began thinking we had NOTHING in common, but  were soon amazed, humbled and honored;

the ones where our differences were SO distinct that we actually complimented and taught each other MUCH;

the ones where every time we spoke, we could count on an argument.  And while those arguments were never FIXED, we did choose to live with the difference;

and of course, the ones where we both realized that friendship was an unrealistic expectation.   So we chose to remain aware of each other – at a safe distance.

Just so you’ll know, when Aslan, Blossom and I passed the same point that’s pictured above on our way home – the gator was still there and so was one of the turtles.

Who knows?

Two things I know for sure is that Nature teaches us that long lasting friendships are rare – I need to treasure them.  AND not everyone’s gonna like me.  Sometimes it’s best to run.

What about your unlikely friendships?

4 thoughts on “unlikely friendships

  1. so it’s all in the “timing” is that it, lisa girl? all in the knowing when to run??????

    holy buckets, that is one awesomely amazing photo~ do shots like that present themselves every time you, aslan and blossom take walks? is that also a snake in the aligators’ mouth? YIKES!!!!!

    ok, just sign me “impressed wimp”…….

  2. You caught the moment Lisa! It is wonderful what animals of all kinds can teach us about relationships/FRIENDSHIPS. The photo and your reflections are powerful.

    love you today my friend

  3. Jane, nope, these images don’t happen every day, but it sure is kewl when they do. ha! i never even spotted the snake til you mentioned it. was too interested in the turtles. thanks for the eye.

    Jo, nope, this is the real – point and click image. i barely know how to resize much less *fix* – ha!

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