we can work it out

The other day one of my godchildren asked me if my head hurt because my hair was gray.


I assured him it didn’t hurt.  Have to admit though, that question made me rub my head.

When did I get old?

I’ve never feared aging.  I just don’t want to BE OLD.

Today I went to the wedding of  some dear pals of mine.  He’s in his late 80’s.   As a southerner, it’s not appropriate for me to state her age <grin>.   The DJ played George Jones’ classic ” I don’t need your rockin’ chair” as they walked down the aisle.  It was WONDERFUL.

I get why people want to color gray hair and fix wrinkles.  I’m also OK with mine.  I just wonder about that whole OLD gig.

So I’m in search of a new label.   If you have gray that adds new texture to you hair, wrinkles that remind you of laughing til your stomach hurt, scars that nudge you to choose more wisely, body parts that aren’t where they used to be, memories of when Clapton was in several bands before going solo – and plan to stay that way – what shall we call ourselves instead of OLD?

4 thoughts on “we can work it out

  1. We dear Lisa are not old we are persistent! You are little more persistent than me, but I am not one to give in easily 🙂

    Happy Sunday!

  2. let’s “appropriate the language” and give it another meaning – my most valued possessions are the old ones – irreplacable and valued – I don’t mind “old” as long as that doesn’t mean I am self-absorbed, depressed, negative, angry – my precious great-aunt asked for a new world map at 96 so she could keep up with the changes!! I love old silver, old lace, old wood, old trees, old friends, old movies, old people with hands all gnarled from cooking and cleaning – old men who still remove their hats inside, old hymns my grandmother sang, in other words, old can be good. perfect world: old mind and young knees.

  3. wonderFULL appropriations, Carol!
    i love The Old, too. guess i’m just working on Me Old – especially the knees part ~ ha!

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