memory dominoes

I played a fun game  this morning – memory dominoes.

dominoesMy childhood friend John inspired it.

I got a Facebook message from John about how much my dad  loved David Bowie.

Cracked me up that John remembered that.   Warmed my heart and nudged me to find photos of my dad.

And then I found old photos I’d taken of advertising barns when I was a teenager.  One barn had a RC Cola image on it.

And then I remembered the RC Cola & Moonpie eating contests we used to have at ECU.

And then I remembered how much my pals and I loved to eat moonpies when we were kids.

And then I remembered all of the holy hours I spent with my family and friends at the beach when I was a kid.

And then I remembered Senior Skip Day at the beach.

And then I remembered wrecking my first car (an avocado green Pinto) at the boardwalk during Jr/Sr Weekend.

And then I remembered having to tell my dad about it.

And then I remembered Dad & me staying up late to watch David Bowie on Saturday Night Live.

And then (with a huge smile on my face) I sent a shout out to John and am now ready to step into a new day feeling SO grateful.

I forget more often than I remember these days.  When I DO remember – it definitely has a domino effect.  Too cool.

How ’bout you?

10 thoughts on “memory dominoes

  1. So many memories that are lost in our minds until something sets them buzzing again. So many friends we’ve almost forgotten, until something nudges our memories. So many people in our hearts we need to remember….not least of all is our parents, who are the well of so many of our memories, good and bad. I’ve said so many times how much I would have loved to have known your dad. Your wonderful memories have sure helped with that.

    And hey, he still laughs about that Pinto. As he should.

  2. right you are about memories, Tom.
    Dad would’ve loved you. i bet he does already.

    and thanks, i’ll let that whole Pinto thing go now

  3. This is wonderful, dear Lisa. Wow, what a message to start my day with this a.m. I love it!!

  4. great to hear from you Linda and Mary Jo.
    thrilled this post stuck a chord with you both.
    i send you ALL that is good.

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