is enjoying chores possible?

My name is Lisa and I HATE to iron.

There I admitted  it.  They say it’s the first step.iron_do_not_iron_small

I know a lot of people love to iron.  My pal Reba just attested to that on Facebook (yup, I’m having a lot of fun there lately).

I get that there are lots of chores we just do because they have to be done – ironing, house work, cleaning out the gutters, yard work,  laundry, etc.

By definition a chore is an unpleasant necessary routine task.  So what about that can be enjoyable?

My Zen pals swear by chores, saying they thrive on them – learn from them even.   I’m not there yet, but then I’m Episcopalian.  Am open to that Zen experience though.

Just not via ironing.

How about you?

What chores do you enjoy?


5 thoughts on “is enjoying chores possible?

  1. This is very timely! Strange as it may sound, I am already looking forward to the cleaning up I am going to have to do next week after my students leave each day! We are going to be weaving, and I will have boxes of yarn out for the kids to choose from. One will be blues and greens, one pinks and purples, one for yellows, reds, and oranges, and the last for black, white, grays and browns. And no matter how well I label the boxes, and how many times I tell the students to wind the balls and skeins up neatly before putting them back in the right box, I will find gobs of yarn all over the place at the end of the day, and all mixed up color-wise. I’ll also find skeins that the students have pulled from the wrong end, and knotted up into a mass of tangles. Then, when the last kid is out the door at 3:15, I’ll close the door, and in glorious silence, I will spend the next 1/2 hour (or more!) untangling knots, rolling yarn into tidy balls, and sorting them into the right boxes. Oh, the colors, the tactile experience, the satisfaction of seeing that horrendous mess organized! I can’t wait!

  2. uh, lisa, i LOVE to iron. there, now I’ve admitted it. and vacuum. and if i had a clothes line, i would still be hangin’ em out there, in order of function and size – you know, socks (being the shortest) underroos, all the way up to sheets, being the longest.
    but that’s it – all other chores are just that – WORK. 😦

  3. Oh, yeah! I also love to fold laundry, esp. warm towels, fresh out of the dryer. (Same thrill as the yarn, I suppose.) I just can’t stand putting it all away, thus the many stacks of clean laundry here and there around my house!

  4. ooooooo Mary Louise – blessings on you as you teach weaving next week AND “get to” reorder all that yarn.
    gotta admit tho, i’m right there with ya about folding clothes warm from the dryer AND leaving them in stacks. am getting a weeeeeeeee bit better about the putting away part tho. baby steps, eh?

    and Carol RIGHT YOU ARE about hanging clothes on the line. i LOVE that. funny, i consider that an art form (esp. as you describe it) – not a chore -ha! in fact i GET TO do that tomorrow – woooooooooo wooooooooo.

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