confession time

I hurt the Earth today.

I subscribed to a magazine.   I know.  I know.  Magazines waste valuable, finite resources and increase my carbon footprint, but I couldn’t resist.  Really, I couldn’t.

Let me explain.   I was in a doctor’s office waiting room when I spotted the current issue of a magazine that – over the years – changed my life.  I HAD to have it (literally – I took the office copy, but THAT confession is for another post).

This magazine does it all.  It informs.  It challenges.  It entertains.  It helps me make better choices.  It sparks creativity.  AND it contains NO ADS.  Who could ask for more?

So while I’ve been cancelling magazine subscriptions left and right I bought one today.

Whew.  I feel better after telling someone.   Thanks.

If you feel like telling me what magazines are MUST HAVES for you, I’ll feel even better.

And in case you want to know which one hooked me, here’s a clue …


4 thoughts on “confession time

  1. How cool! I hadn’t thought about “Highlights” in like, forever! Thanks for a fun stroll down innocent, sunny memory lane…..

  2. I shared with Lisa in an e-mail that I was in a doctor’s office three months ago and sitting right next to me was the latest Highlights. I sat and read it cover to cover. It took me back to that great time of innocence when we were all children!! I had hoped that Lisa would re-cycle the magazine on to me,BUT, how could I take a re-cycled Highlights when all of the great puzzles would be completed??:)


  3. Oh Lisa! I’m very behind on reading your posts…I love them all!!! But this one struck a chord in me…

    Earlier in the school year my youngest son brought home the subscription sign up sheet for Highlights magazine. I hesitated to buy it, felt guilty for saying no but then gave in. He doesn’t even pick up any magazine let alone read them….well…unless they are related to sports.

    BUT…when I started getting them in the mail I realized that I LOVE that magazine! I save them and when I have time I go through them and cut out all of the fantasic and wonderful positive statements and titles. Then I use them to journal my thoughts.

    When I saw that your magazine choice was Highlights I really did ‘LOL’!!! I ‘SO-O-O’ relate to your love of it!

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