being stuck

I have cypress knees in my yard.  cypressknee

This isn’t one of them.  This image is courtesy of the the South Florida Water Management District.  I just wanted to be sure you all knew what a cypress knee looked like.

Anywhoooooooo… in addition to cypress knees, I also have two wonderdogs Aslan lisas-4-09-aslan-2and Blossom.lisas-4-09-blossom-1

You’ll notice both of The Gals are attached to safety ties.   SO often when they run to come back into our home their ties will get caught on one of the cypress knees.   When that happens to either she’ll simply sit down and bark – a lot – to let me know she’s stuck.

I’ll go out,  unsnag and all will be well.

This has been going on for years.   Each time it happens I give the involved dog a little pep talk about how that cypress knee obstacle is really a metaphor for life – that sometimes we THINK we’re stuck, when all we really need to do is try moving in another direction.

They don’t seem to get it.   They seem to choose to do the same thing over and over – always being disappointed with the result.


I so the same thing sometimes.

Do you?

PS – you can find out more about Aslan’s unusual collar by reading this earlier post.

2 thoughts on “being stuck

  1. Do I?!?! Are you kidding??? Over and over and over again….way more than I want to admit!


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