how’s your glass?

My name is Lisa and I’m an optimist.half-empty

That’s NOT to say I don’t have some pretty prolific pity parties.   It’s also not to say that I’m oblivious to the pains of the world.

I simply choose to let hope drive me more often that fear.

It’s not always an easy choice.   Thankfully I have unlimited role models.    One was that guy I witnessed during the holidays.   Another is my life partner Tom, who loves to wash his neighbor’s car (and do many other kind things for MANY) – just because. And others include all of the folk who’ve applied for the July Cheap Therapy Pay it Forward Grant.   So many of these applicants are already doing SO MUCH to live their dreams by encouraging rather than warning or threatening.

I am in awe.   I am humbled.  And I am grateful.

As I type this post,  I’m counting down the minutes ’til I can watch Adventures of an Eternal Optimist.    Michael J Fox is one of those people I look to for balance.

If you read this post before the show – it’s on ABC at 10pm EST.

I’d love to know what you think about it.

I’d also love to know how you manage the full.ness of your own glass.

6 thoughts on “how’s your glass?

  1. Hi Lisa, yes I’m an optimist too! I can vouch for everything Michael has to say about optimism. As you know, I have had Parkinson’s (PD) for the last 20 years just as Michael has had. It is all about attitude and how you look at life. Thank you for being my friend and keep up the attitude.

  2. Thanks for posting, Cal!!!

    thanks, even more, for being one of the people in my life who helps keep my attitude UP.

    be welllllllllllll, friend!

  3. this is my “empty/full glass attitude” here m’dear lisa~ finally i’ve come to the place in my old age where it depends on what’s IN the glass~ if i’m having a glass of ice cubed and strong raspberry tea with a floating mint leaf, and a bit of sugar~
    yes! my glass is half empty and i would be delighted to have some more… however on the other hand, if i’m having a glass of sour lemonade made with moldy old lemons and no sugar, no ice~ well, my glass will definately be half full!!! plenty still left, need no more…
    always love, jstone

  4. I’ve always loved William Wordsworth, and I ran across a quote of his yesterday……

    The best portion of a good person’s life are the little, nameless, unremembered acts of kindness and love.
    – William Wordsworth


  5. LOL dear Jane~
    may that raspberry mixture ABOUND!
    i send you many thanks and much love.

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