stormy whether…

The bottom just fell out here.


For almost an hour heavy rain and wind surrounded the area.   My wonderdogs were most UNimpressed.

(And nope, I didn’t take this picture.  I Stumbled Upon it.)

I live in the coastal South.  I know rainstorms. I know hurricanes.   I know being humbled by Mother Nature.

While the ground needed it, the power of this storm was startling and almost scary.

Since I live at sea level, I now have about a dozen towels lining the inside of my home.   It’s working.   It’s also left me pondering how I handle the other storms in my life.  When I find myself smack dab in the middle of something scary and yucky –  what are my towels?  How do I soak up the remnants and move on?  Sometimes towels don’t cut it.  What then?

Thankfully, I’m expecting my friends Karen and McCabe in less than two hours.   We’ll have lunch and (I’m sure) discuss how we handle life’s storms.

How do you choose to handle storms?

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