three ways to unplug

I’m outa here.

Tomorrow morning I’m heading for the hills with no laptop, no FAX and limited TV & phone.  I can hardly wait!  AND I’m feeling more than a little anxious.

unpluggedWhy is it hard for some to unplug?

I do understand that The World is going to go on quite well without me next week.   I guess I’m just afraid I might miss something.

As I step into this vacation, I will keep three things in mind:

1.   I am NOT the center of the Universe.   It’s gonna go on without me.    Back off.

2.   IT will all still be there when I return home.  Chill.

3.   Healthy people do healthy things – like take vacations.    Do the next HEALTHY thing.

So I’m outa here.  See ya in a week.

How do youUNPLUG?

4 thoughts on “three ways to unplug

  1. This is great! I don’t think I’ve ever unplugged like this. The only time I’ve come close is when my cell phone broke one time and I had to wait a day or two to get another one (and I was freaking out the whole time). I could definitely use some unplugged time! I really love the reminders you’ve listed here. Such good ones to remember — especially the one about the world going on without us. It always does…but it will be here when you return. Enjoy your unplugged-ness. 🙂

  2. PP, the unplugging went wonderFULLy ~ THANKS!

    Cathy, YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS, that sky and those stars absolutely worked their magic.

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