five reasons to “…keep the old…”

Linda and I got kicked out of the Brownies together.

brownieShe’s coming to visit me this week and I can hardly wait.  Sunday is her birthday. I won’t mention WHICH birthday.  She wouldn’t like that.  But if you want to give her a shout-out here, she’d LOVE that.

Lifetime friends are The Bomb, aren’t they?

I am honored to have some very precious people in my life.   Some I’ve met in recent years  and some I’ve stayed with connected for years.

As I prepare for Linda’s arrival on Monday and the reunion we’ll have next weekend with Val, Jim, Lauri, Doug, Richard, Jimmy, Della, Debbie, our families and hopefully even more dear folk, I’m celebrating SOME of the reasons to nurture these lifetime relationships:

1.  We knew them When and they knew us When. So much is holy about having people in our lives who GET  “from where we came.”   We know each others’ families and stories.  For example, some of these folk remember when I wrecked my avocado green Pinto on Junior/Senior Weekend.

2.  We all had goofy hair and  wore goofy clothes at the same time AND LIKED IT!  For our gang, it was the 70’s ~ ‘nuf said there.

3.  We pick-up where we left off. Whether it’s been five days, five weeks or five years since we’ve seen each other – the rhythm is still there.  It’s that whole Trust thing.  We hold onto what’s important and release what’s not.

4. We know too much about each other. We know each others’ fears.  These are the people we told about our First Kiss (or ARE the people with whom we shared our First Kiss).  They’re also the people who know how many times we skipped school and can tell our children stories we’d rather they not know – yet.   We can’t afford to make these people mad <grin>.

5.  We’re older than our parents were when we first met. I know, I could’ve skipped this last one.  It’s just that the whole aging thing becomes more real as we DO IT.  Aging with people we love is a gift.  It absolutely warrants mentioning.

So as I prepare for this coming week, I’m going to worry less about my gray hair, sags and wrinkles.   I’m going to celebrate the NEW in Val & Cork’s son Kirby graduating from Annapolis AND keeping the OLD – including me.

ps ~ Stay tuned for an update.

9 thoughts on “five reasons to “…keep the old…”

  1. I am so blessed and honored to not only call you friend, but to be “BFFs”. You once sent me a hand towel that reads, “We will always be best friends. You know too much.” It is because of what you know and in some cases despite it, you still love me that we will always be best friends. I can’t wait to see you, be at the lake, and at our mini-reunion. Sure hope someone gets the shrimpburgers! I love you gal pal….. I’m %@ years old. Let’s see how many people need to figure it out. Love ya tons. Linda

  2. It’s been too long. I can’t wait to see the gang. Lisa – In all the years I’ve known you, you remain the most beautiful person in the way you touch lifes and live yours. You will always be this beautiful person. 🙂

  3. Linda, sure hope you’re having a GREAT B’day. see you TOMORROW!

    Doug, SO looking forward to seeing you and The Gang, too. safe travels from the West.

  4. Seeing as how we all graduated together, I’m assuming Linda is as young as I am! (My vanity is hoping she’s aging just as well, too).
    I am looking forward to us all being together because our lasting ties are both unique and precious–I know very few other people who still have what we all seem to share. I think that our shared experiences as Marine dependents, with all the moving around that entailed during our childhoods, helped us to appreciate the bonds we seemed to form in high school. For the first time in my life, I had the freedom to keep that going (without Uncle Same interfering). Even my college friends are less likely to nurture their friendships as easily as we seem to, and I think its because they didn’t have to give up their childhood friends as often as we did. All that aside, I know we’ll all pick-up where we left off as if we’ve never been separated and that will be both the never-ending surprise and joy it always is! Can’t wait! Lauri <

  5. Lauri,
    couldn’t agree more about the unique bond we military community kids seems to have. kewllllllll, eh? SO looking forward to seeing your beautYFULL self in a few days!

  6. “We re going, heaven knows where we are going…….We’ll know we’re there. We will get there, heaven knows how we will get there, we KNOW we WILL. It will be hard and long and the road will be rocky and rough……….BUT WE’LL get there, heaven knows how we will get there, WE know We will.”Simon and Garfunkel

    Our friends have gotten us there.

  7. Sure wish that I could go back, would I change things, nope, don’t think so, maybe I would have made it to Lk. Waccamaw though……….
    Do miss the beach, but streams are nice. take care.

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