advisory board – part one

There’s 12 years between my only sister and me.   Basically, we were both only children.

Thankfully,  we’re very close in every way except age.   A while back we were swapping childhood stories.  She told me that when she got ready to leave home our dad gave her the following advice, ” Always look people in the eye.  Offer a firm handshake.  And women drink rum and Coke.”   When I left home twelve years later, Dad told me, “Always listen to God more than you talk to him.”

We’re not sure if that says more about where Dad thought we were or where he was, but the difference cracks us up. no_evil

I’ve been asked to speak to a  few groups this coming month.    One is for a gathering of recent college graduates.   Gotta admit, I’m more than a little nervous about having anything worthwhile to say.

When I think back to the best advice I’ve ever gotten, of course Dad’s (to Mari and to me) always comes to mind.  I’m going to spend the next week pondering other bits of advice that have guided me through the years.  I’ll post what I come up with.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received or given?

14 thoughts on “advisory board – part one

  1. On take-off put in all the rudder you can and then upon gaining the air, take out what you do not need.

  2. Lisa,
    Thank you as always for a great thought provoking post. I wanted to check in and see how your month of spreading joy went and see if you’d email me anything that you were able to do. I think we can encourage others to do more and make a difference.

    Anything you can remember – would be a huge help.

  3. I have a couple…the first was when I had my son, my sister of 7 children said to me “enjoy the moment, dont worry about the dirt” and a couple of weeks ago my now 8 year old son wrote a poem that began….”Live a small life”, yes he is very wise. I try to remember them both.

  4. Marie, i hope you’ve received my update e.mail. what a wonderFULL challenge. THANKS!

    oooooooooooHeidi~ amen about the dirt. and i LOVE LOVE LOVE “live a small life”. may i please use this as a card message?! send me your son’s name and i’ll absolutely credit him with the quote!!

  5. My friend Beckah told me “The only thing you have to do… is breathe!

    Little did I know that she was right!

  6. Best Advice:
    The day you stop learning is the day you stop living……learn something new everyday, even if it is only how to recognize the mistakes you might have made yesterday!

    Play the hand you are dealt and do it with style.

    Both of these quotes were from one of my favorite professors, Dr. John Davis. A gentle giant who loved Veterinary Medicine, God, life and family…he always had a good story and quote to help guide his students.

  7. PS….one other Dr. Davis quote….your mind can only take in what your rear-end can bear, so keep the talks accurate, concise, and to the point!

  8. Lisa, My sons name is Jace Beaubriand 8 years old. He is SO excited that you want to use his “live a small life” You rock thanks!!

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