Advisory Board ~ part two

Earlier this week I mentioned I was working on a list of the best advice I’ve ever received.   HUMBLE thanks to everyone who shared their best advice via this blog or e.mail.

OOOOOOOOO that we could always follow all that wisdom!

I’m a simple gal who prefers the basics over the complex.  That’s why the first book I ever created is called the ABC’s for Life. ABCsfor Life

With these basics in mind,  I offer the ABC’s of Life Advice:

A ~ accept help

B~ breathe

C~ choose wisely

D~ dream boldly

E~ eat less, taste more

F~ forgive (especially yourself)

G~ giggle (especially when it’s inappropriate)

H~ have a firm handshake

I~ inquire more, argue less

J~ juggle with care

K~ kiss with your eyes closed and your heart open

L~ listen to God more often than you talk to Him/Her

M~ manage money – don’t worship it

N ~ notice the “little things”

O~ operor vestri optimus (do your best)

P~ play as often as possible

Q~ question the rules

R~ reach for the stars, planets and suns

S~ stop whining!

T~ tell your own truth

U~ understand that you won’t always understand

V~ verify the facts

W~ wander (remembering that “Not all those who wander are lost”- Tolkien)

X~ (e)xamine your intentions

Y~ YES! say it as often as your gut tells you

Zs~ get ’em whenever you need ’em!

Nope, this list isn’t the contents of the above pictured book.   It’s just my basics.   What are some of yours?

2 thoughts on “Advisory Board ~ part two

  1. Wonderful ABC’s of life! I love it!! I wrote a post over on my blog not too long ago about the ABC’s of loving yourself… slightly different focus but how different is life from loving yourself, really? I really loved your list and I feel totally inspired right now!

  2. thanks so much, Dani. am thrilled this ‘back to basics’ list works for you, too!

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