i’ve named my ‘fridge Yoda

I cleaned out my refrigerator this weekend.  a pretty spring 'fridge! 001 It had gotten kinda scary in there.    So when I got home from my weekly trek to the farmers’ market, I felt nudged to provide fresh space for all that fresh food.

Last year when I began my quest to become more organized, who knew it would carry over to my ‘fridge.

This new way of living really is amazing.  A year ago, I would have cleaned out my ‘fridge by simply pulling the garbage can up to it and dumping all of the potential science experiments.  This time there was no garbage to toss.   There was some questionable spinach – so I folded it into veggie lasagna.    This time I didn’t find three half used bottles of the exact same ginger sauce.   This time the half and half I keep in there for pals who like light coffee was FRESH.  This time cleaning out my ‘fridge was FUN.  Gotta love that!

Teachers come in countless forms.   This weekend my refrigerator was my teacher.  It taught me these three things:

1.  Order doesn’t have to be a burden.  It can lighten the load.

2. Order doesn’t have to be dull.  It can offer more space for creativity (and fresh, organic, locally grown eggplant!).

3. Order doesn’t have to be bleak.  It can invite me to focus on what’s really important (rather than wondering if I’m out of vidalias).

What has your refrigerator taught you lately?

3 thoughts on “i’ve named my ‘fridge Yoda

  1. I love the lessons you’ve learned from your fridge. I’m a big fan of order (I’m SUPER organized) and it was nice to read these positive things about it. Great post!

  2. ooooooooooo PP, it’s so encouraging to hear from The Organized. i’m trying ~ on SO many levels . thanks!

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