homing in…

There’s no place like home. homesweethome

I’ve been away from mine for a few days.   Even though I was at a place I love with people I came to love – as I sit here on MY couch looking at MY dogs enjoying the view of MY backyard I sighhhh.

It’s so good to be back here.

In this season when so many of us take long-awaited vacations and adventures, many of us find ourselves counting the minutes til we’re ‘back Home’.

Why is that?

This building I call Home isn’t as well-equipped as the building I just left.  And (note I didn’t say but) it’s HOME.

To me, Home is where I feel closest to the people I love most – even though they aren’t in the same building as me.   Home is where my dogs live.  It’s where my books are.  It’s where my favorite cooking utensils are.  My art supplies are here.  Home is the place where no matter which direction I look I see something that extends a memory.

I celebrate adventures.  I celebrate Home even more.

How about you?  How do you home in?

5 thoughts on “homing in…

  1. I know exactly the feeling you’re describing. It’s so good to be back home when you’ve been away. Like you, one of the most important “home” factors for me is being with my dog. There’s something about being away from her that is SO hard.

  2. Npw, Now, Lisa, Home is where the Heart is, I agree, but I can feel at home nearly anywhere. People make a home, don’t you think, however, it is terribly nice sleeping in one’s own bed and having more than one bathroom! Later…………….Ha! Love, Val

  3. home – I did not know until she died 3 wks ago that my home – at least the homeplace for my heart – was where my mother was. SHE was home. funny how what was right in front of my face was not really seen.

  4. Val, aBsOlUtEly on the people AND bed thangs!

    Carol, i am holding you in my heart.

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