advice for a 21 year old…

As  I type this I’m watching ducks.

I’m sitting in my backyard.  One of my neighbor’s grandsons is riding his bike as fast as he can down their pier.  I hope that works out well.   The dragonflies are going bonkers.   I just counted 23 of ’em.

At this moment though, I’m mostly thinking about Amanda.

Amanda is a young woman who works for me.  She’s also a person who owns a huge part of my heart.

And she’s turning 21 tomorrow – July4.

When she left work today I hugged her, gave her her birthday present and told her I was proud of the woman she is.  I am.

After she left I thought of so many other things I wished I’d said.

Happy Birthday Amanda!

I hope she remembers that’s she’s remarkable.

I hope she remembers that things aren’t always going to go as she plans – and that she’s wise enough to realize that sometimes our plans aren’t The Plan.

I hope she remembers that love is the gig.  Not that kinda “in the back seat of a vehicle kinda love” .  I trust she’ll focus on that ” ooooooooo you really get me and I really get you” kinda love.

I hope she remembers that when she gets mad – wait to respond/react.  No matter what, waiting seldom hurts.

I hope she remembers how beautiful she is.  My dad always said a pretty girl is pretty til she knows she’s pretty.  I don’t think  Amanda has noticed what a beautiful woman she is.   I do know other people have.   Yay them.   And YAY her.

I hope she’ll hold onto her sense of humor.   She has a delightful one.  It’s sassy and honest – just like her.  A sense of humor is a HUGE gift.

I hope she’ll know that intelligence, wisdom and paying attention rock.  I think she does.  I just want to remind her.

Mostly, I hope she knows she’s loved and celebrated.   She is.

What advice do you have for a 21 year old?

Happy Birthday Amanda!

3 thoughts on “advice for a 21 year old…

  1. For Amanda….. Amanda, unreal that you’re turning 21. Seems like just a year ago you were just turning 20. (Hey, that’s a joke!) Just want you to know how much difference you’ve made for Lisa. So many times I call her during the week and you’re there….as you have always been. And you’ve been such a great part of Lisa’s life. I’m sure she’s told you, but you’re the daughter she never had. And I can’t imagine her being more proud of her own daughter than she is of you. Thank you for everything you’ve given. And I’m sure you don’t even realize what a difference you’ve made…in Cheap Therapy, and in Lisa’s life.

    If we’re really lucky, we run across people that change our lives. I mean really change them. I had some of those, and I still remember them, even though their help to me was many, many years ago. I didn’t even have sense enough to know their impact at the time. But I sure do today. You and I don’t talk much. You always see me come and go, with a few wise cracks from me along the way. But I always know you’re there, and always helping Lisa. And I never get a chance to tell you how much that means to me. It’s a LOT. Thank you for what you’ve given. And I hope you’ve taken away just as much. If you have, I hope you know what a blessing that is. When you give and receive, it just doesn’t get any better than that. And you’ve sure given a lot.

    Best wishes to you in turning 21, my friend. So many good years ahead of you. And so many good adventures in life. You’re VERY well equipped to make the most of them. Thank you for all you’ve given. What we do in this world comes back to us…good or bad. And you’ve given so much good.

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMANDA!!!!!!!!!!!!

    21 is a milestone and I hope you celebrate BIG!

    I’m happy we met through Lisa and Cheaptherapy. I admire your dedication, focus and determination. You have a bright future and the kids you teach will be lucky to learn from you………not just MATH but life lessons as well.

    Have fun Enjoy all life has to offer

    Winston and Ellie send Happy Birthday tail wags and licks and snuggles.


  3. W-O-W !!! Happy 21st birthday, Amanda! As they’ve said, you’re a very special, talented, beautiful young woman who has a great deal to offer. Remember that you (and only you) have to look yourself in the mirror every day. Do things that you can live with and be OK with. Remember that it costs absolutely nothing to be kind. Have fun! In the tough times, remember that “this, too, shall pass.” Breathe and laugh and love and cry and blow bubbles. Life is such a mighty gift. Enjoy it. Happy Birthday!!!

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