walk on…

My body has multiple sclerosis in it.

This isn’t a sad tale.  It’s just the gig.  We’re all cracked in some way.  (One of <grin>) my cracks is MS.   And in all honesty, I can say that MS is the best thing that ever happened in my life – most days.

There are good days and bad days.  Sound familiar?

There are days I feel like I could walk the AT nonstop.  There are days I doubt I will make it to the kitchen and back.  Sound familiar?

When I have those “kitchen days” I have a toolbox of spirit boosters to move me closer to an “AT day”.    One of the tools I use is a video from ESPN.  Yup, ESPN.    If you haven’t heard of DJ Gregory, you’re in for a treat.

Last year DJ decided to walk the entire length of every golf course in the US PGA tour.  That’s 900 miles.  Oh yeah, did I mention that DJ has cerebral palsy in his body?

When you have 12 minutes you want to invest VERY wisely,  you can watch his story here.

You can also check out DJ’s blog for more of His Story.

From time to time, I’ll offer more peeks into my “kitchen days” toolbox here.  In the meantime, I’d appreciate knowing –  what’s in your toolbox and how do you walk on?

2 thoughts on “walk on…

  1. An old friend of mine (several years older than me) was in bad health for quite a while. When I’d see him and ask, “How you doin’?”, he’d always answer, “Well, I’m still above ground, so that’s good.” We so often don’t appreciate how we’re still “above ground!” We get very involved with our own drama, and very often don’t appreciate the good things and the good life we have. If we took a set of the old-type scales and put our blessings on one side…and our problems on the other side, what side would tip the scales? For most of us, the good things would far outweigh the bad. Who knows what would happen if we realized that every day.

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