zero tips on how to avoid procrastinating

I’m not a procrastinator by nature.   For the past few days though, it seems I’m doing anything I can think of to keep from doing the one thing I woke up planning to accomplish.   procrastination3

Even been there?

This is new territory for me.

The Project I’m avoiding isn’t something I dread.   I actually LOVE doing It.

Instead of doing It I have taken the polish off my toenails, worked on new product designs, cleaned out my refrigerator, reformatted the hard drive on one of my old computers, created new stations in my Pandora account; watched a couple of recorded episodes of Cash Cab (YES I DO DVR Cash Cab); checked my e.mail &  favorite blogs and don’t even get me started on how long it took me to decide which image to use for this post!

If I were worth my salt (btw – I just looked up the origin of that phrase) as an encouraging blogger, I’d follow this confession with a list of steps I’m going to take to figure out why I’m procrastinating and keep from not falling prey to it again.    Maybe tomorrow.

Right now I’m going to paint my clean toenails, play with my dogs and maybe – just maybe start That Project.   One just never knows, does One?

10 thoughts on “zero tips on how to avoid procrastinating

  1. I’m a pretty good procrastinator. Happy to see you found some really fun things to do while you were waiting to start the project – not so much guilt when you are having fun! By the way ……… Did you do 3?

  2. thanks for the absolution, Jo.
    and i got 58 done – half way through The Project woooooooo woooooooooo. lol

  3. I love the, “maybe tomorrow” line, what a procrastinator. Personally, I am infamous for procrastinating. Knowing this, I try very hard to set goals and to do lists for myself each day, that way the day doesn’t go idly by. You should give that a shot, just make a list of 5 things you want to accomplish on one day and attempt to accomplish them.

  4. Yeah, I have a black-belt in procrastination. And I can be downright defiant if I write something on a list – almost no chance I’ll do a listed item. I’m actually pretty difficult to manage. My receptionist had to sit down and give me a talking-to two weeks ago. (She was right. I’ve been a little better lately.)

    I actually take medication for this – 2 types. An anti-depressant and Focalin. (God bless Focalin) This and lots of exercise and self-care gives me the option of deciding what I’m going to do next at least a part of the time. The rest I left go of. (My favorite new saying is “let go or be dragged.” I think it would make a good bumper sticker.)

    So, I am a good person, who gets lots of good things done. However, I might not choose to do things in a timely way, or one that makes any sense – even to me. And still the world spins round and round and tomorrow will be Monday.


  5. David – i’m new to lists and they’re working wonderfully – most of the time. THANKS for the tip and encouragement.

    Janet – “let go or be dragged” – LOVE THIS! hmmmmmmmmm can’t help with a bumper stick – i DO see a poster of this in the near future though. you’ll get the first copy for free YAY.

  6. Oh, Boy! Can I ever relate to this one! I am The Queen of Procrastination! As a matter of fact, I even have a theme song; to the tune of Carly Simon’s “Anticipation”: “Procrastination, procrastina-a-tion, It’s making me late, I have jobs that are wai-ai-ai-ai-aiting…” Then while you’re puttering around (polishing your toenails, etc.) you can make up appropriate verses. Today mine was, “And tomorrow, I’ll wake up bright and early, And I’ll tackle those things not done today-ay-ay; But right now, I will not let it bother me, Cuz the morning’s cool, So this is a gardening day!” (Big Finish) “This is a gardening day, this is a gardening day, this i- (go for the high note) IS a gardening day!”

  7. Hi Lisa!
    I am procrastinating doing job apps by reading your procrastination blog post. So you get DOUBLE procrastination points for inspiring secondary procrastination. Perhaps I will read the post again… just in case i missed something – ha! 🙂 HUGS

  8. ML, do we need to start calling you Your Highness? can hear you singing your theme from here. thanks!

    Kara, happy applying and thanks for the extra credit!

    youbetcha, Janet!

  9. i’ve been using candles in my bathroom for 2 and 1/2 weeks because the light bulb burned out….nuf said

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