summertime – makin’ the livin’ easier

Every region has its own weather ‘opportunities’.

Here in coastal NC we’re smack dab in the middle of summer.    For us that means even our very early mornings are 80+ degrees and what feels like 198% humidity.   It’s sometimes easy to lose sight of how blessed one is when one is covered with non.exercise induced sweat.

thermometer hotSo I’m going to shift my frame of reference.   Starting today, I’m going to focus on what’s good about this time of year in The South.

Here goes:

Summer lends itself to beginning the day early in a peaceful way. The dogs and I get to simply listen to the birds & frogs as we walk.   The quiet also makes it easier to spot turtles, ducklings and gators (hopefully not all in the same place). Peaceful starts always help.

Summer helps improve my posture. Don’t know if it’s a girl thing or not I find that I want to feel slimmer in the summer.  Sitting up straighter always makes me feel slimmer.  And yes, I can imagine you sitting up straighter as you read this NOT that YOU need to feel slimmer<smile>).  Healthy posturing always helps.

Summer sends me to the movies. I’m a Redbox groupie during the colder months.  In the summer though, it’s fun to take advantage of matinee prices to see some great flicks and enjoy the kiddie special on popcorn (see ‘wanting to feel slimmer’ point above <grin>).  Movie popcorn always helps.

Summer encourages some retailers to introduce and often give away free stuff. In many areas McDonald’s is giving away free (sample size) iced mocha drinks.   Hey, free is free and iced is ALWAYS good in summer.  REfreshment always helps.

Summer saves time. Hairspray does not work in temps above 80.  I don’t care what the label says.  So I get to simply wash my hair – tussle  it (that’s a technical hairstyling term)  with my fingers and move on.  And don’t even get me started about ironing! Letting go of what we can’t control always helps.

Summer tastes great! Last night I had the perfect summer meal – the world’s best grilled chicken (thanks to Tom!), FRESH, LOCAL corn on the cob and caprese salad (made with basil from my backyard, tomatoes from the farmers’ marker and incredible – albeit admittedly not local – mozzarella).   My body is still happy from that simple & healthy feast.  Nourishment always helps.

Summer stirs creativity. Each summer my great nieces & nephews come for Camp Waccamaw.  So I get to come up with what NEW THINGS we’ll do each year.  Look for an update on Camp Waccamaw ’09 in mid August!  Kids (almost) always help.

and lastly (at least for now) Summer feeds my inner optimist. It’s easy to  start believing that summer will last forever.   It won’t.   So starting today, I’m going to enjoy it while it’s here.  Hmmm… that sounds like a pretty good life philosophy, eh?  Looking at the positive always helps.

How about you?  What do you love about summer?

7 thoughts on “summertime – makin’ the livin’ easier

  1. Summer is… AWESOME. Summer is my favorite time of the year and you’ve listed a lot of the reasons why here. (You forgot my birthday, but that’s okay, haha). Great post on the joys of summer time. It’s easy to forget what a great season it is when it’s here (though I never have a problem remembering its awesomeness when it’s cold outside!). This was a great reminder for me to stay in the present and enjoy the beautiful summertime.

  2. soooooooooo glad to hear from a Summer Lover, PP. and hey, happy b’day. i’m so glad you were born!

  3. Lisa, whenever you add “” after a comment, I see your truly delightful grin in my mind’s eye. I know hot weather can get you down, so I am very glad you are not only grinning and bearing the heat this summer, but also rising above it! What I’m loving about summer lately is walking barefoot on dew drenched grass in the morning as I wander around the garden, releasing the fragrance of the herbs as I brush my hands over them, and harvesting cucumbers that miraculously plumped up overnight! These summer mornings feed my soul!

  4. Okay, now it’s there. Are you grinning now? Sorry for my technological incompetence–it wouldn’t let me put “grin” in brackets for some reason!

  5. ML, i can absolutely see your wonderful “grin” and can practically smell those herbs from here. THANKS!

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