when is recess?

daydreamThe older I get, the more I trust my instincts.

My instincts are telling me it’s time for a break.  A break from the heat, a break from my routine, a break from – well, not breaking.  It’s time for recess.

This all came to me yesterday when I was having my unplugged, recharging afternoon.   It was a great time – honest.  I did just as I’d promised myself:   no TV, pc or external music even.   I wrote letters, went for a walk, gazed at the sky and even daydreamt (or is it daydreamED?  I can never remember).

Anywhoooooooooo… by the end of my unplugged, recharging time, I could tell I needed more.   I realized that I was on the road to allowing my life to get a little crazy.  So I looked at my calendar, lists, schedules and decided that even though they were all tight – NOT taking a break right now may end in results I won’t celebrate.

I’m not in control of much in the universe.  I am, however, in control of my choices.  So I’m choosing to make some healthier choices.  When I was seven, someone else decided when recess happened.  Not so much anymore.

I came up with a recess plan.  I’m going to take my own advice .   I’m also choosing to work a little harder THIS week.   So next week I can take a break.   It’ll be worth it – I know it will.

Anyone else out there ready for a break?   How are you handling that?

6 thoughts on “when is recess?

  1. You came up with the best break possible, Lisa. VERY wise choice! I celebrate that. For several reasons!

  2. Ready for a break? Are you kidding?!??! When Lendon and I decided that we couldn’t attend the church retreat you’re leading for LWPC because we DON’T HAVE TIME to attend a retreat on “rest”…..does that tell us something?

    So, yes! I’m ready. Almost every evening, if you came to my house you’d find five spoiled dogs and one of their humans sitting outside, rocking, no noise, no music, no phone….just the sounds of the woods. AAAAAAAAAhhhhhhhhhh……

    (PS – I think it’s daydreamed :-))

    Love you, my wise wonderful friend!

  3. You NEED to rest to ready yourself for the upcoming Camp Waccamaw! I am at the end of my break from middle school children, and though it’s still three weeks away, I feel their vibrations drawing nearer. I feel a bit anxious and guilty that I did not do all the things I planned to do this summer, but I will choose to agree with something I read somewhere that said our society is too productivity oriented! I have enjoyed being with my kids over the summer, but I have to admit it will be kind of nice to get back to just me and my husband in the house when they all head off for college. (Our house seemed to shrink this summer as we maneuvered our way around three teenagers and their stuff.) So, although my school break is ending, a break from, “What time did you get in last night? Are you STILL in bed? Are you sure you should wear that? etc, etc.”, is coming soon! YAY! It’s all about balance, I guess…..

  4. Pickett, SO hope to see ya’ll in October AND before. love that image of you and The Kids chillaxin’ sans anything ‘cept ya’ll and nature. YES to RECESS!

    ML, hope you have much recess now and when school starts back. you have much to teach all. deep and humble bows of thanks.

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