my girls…

I know it can be dangerous to post images of your children on the internet.    I’m feeling bold and trusting.

the girls

Aslan is the one gazing into the distance.  She and I have lived together for most of her life.   At 15, she’s my zen wonderdog.   Aslan teaches me much about finding the lightest spot to simply BE in our home.

Blossom is five.   She’s the one giving you that ‘come hither’  look.   She’s got that one down.   She’s my diva dog.   Blossom teaches me much about finding the lightness of her weight on my lap.

Blossom used to live with my mom.   She adopted us when Mom moved into one of those  groovy Senior Independent Living Apartments.

Blossom IDOLIZES Aslan.

Aslan does not like dogs.

A few weeks ago a BIG DOG  jumped on Blossom.    It was scary.   Aslan took care of the situation.   She let that BIG DOG know – in no uncertain terms – that he needed to move on.

Blossom was thrilled.   She KNEW deep down inside that Aslan loved her and NOW she had PROOF.   She immediately ran over to thank Aslan.    Aslan was having none of it.

It was the classic ‘ I can be mean to my sister – YOU can’t!’  situation.

We all knew though.

And it was holy.   It was one of those thin places (and times) I’ve mentioned before.

I love my dogs.  Or better said, I love these dogs that own me.

What’s your favorite pet story?

PS –  I’ll be away from the pc  for several days, starting Sunday (YAY!).  So if you don’t hear back from me immediately, know that you will.  I’m HONORED by your replies!

8 thoughts on “my girls…

  1. Hi dear friend,
    I finally got to your blog! And I love your new found friend Blossom. She will have a wonderful life with you and Aslan. Hard to believe she’s 15 years young!
    Know I miss you and hold you close to my heart.

  2. how great to see you here, Sue! yep, Blossom is a sweetie. Too bad her big sister doesn’t like dogs – ha!
    we all send ya’ll love and loud cheers~

  3. Hi Friend!

    I always knew Aslan was Superdog! Now, the truth is known! We have uncovered the true identity!

    Here is my dog story… I have a 6 lb. Schnoodle named Kaibe, who knows that she is truly a LARGE dog in this world. So, when she walked into a house she has never been before, she took over the place like it was hers. There were dog toys that were now hers, there were chew bones now hers, and even a bed to settle into. The former owner of these items was not in sight.

    Then, the beautiful Weimaraner arrived, the former owner of the bed. Did my Kaibe move out of the bed? Sure! She moved to protect the chew bone – which she promptly took back into the bed. When the Weimaraner moved to sniff her, she growled low in her little, little throat (which belonged to the LARGE dog in her head) and the Weimaraner backed up. When he went to pick up one of his former toys, she growled again, and the Weimaraner, true to his breed, backed up and ran into another room.

    You can always learn lessons from your dog.

    Mary Ann

  4. MA, i still have Kaibe’s baby pic. fun to imagine her slaying dragons – love it!

  5. Thanks, PP. and welcome home. hope your Big City adventure was all you wanted and more. am off to The Hills for a few days myself. blog at ya soon!

  6. For some reason I didn’t see this blog until today, but I’ve got to tell you about my Groovey, Gentle, Wonderful, Alpha: Big Lenny. Anytime Lenny gets to go for a ride, he happily prances to the front passenger door and gets ready to hop up. Earlier this year, Daddy and I were spending part of a Tuesday together at my house. When it was time to go, I decided that Lenny could ride with us. As you know, Lisa, Daddy’s gait had changed a great deal and it took us a long time to get to the car. So Lenny ran on ahead to the vehicle. That wise creature didn’t run to the front passenger door as he has done EVERY OTHER TIME in his life…instead, he ran to the back passenger door, and waited for me to open the back door. He knew that “Big Jack” was going to sit in the front seat. He’s an awesome, AWESOME guy!

  7. i think blossom looks like toot! oh so cute! but dont tell aslan cause she will always be my favorite!

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