Mom just broke her hip and wrist.  Bless her 84 year old bones and heart.


Brokenness sucks.

Brokenness hurts.

Brokenness is a profound teacher.

And we’re all broken.

So we might as well roll with it (pardon the pun).

As someone who lives with a chronic disease in her body, here’s what I’ve learned from brokenness –

1.  Brokenness reminds me that life is finite.   So paying attention to the small joys is essential.

2. Brokenness helps me bend in ways I never knew I could.    So I get to learn – when I’m ready.

3. Brokenness is universal.   So I get to look at people with new “I wonder how you’re broken?” and “How may I help you?” eyes.

4. Brokenness makes trying to be perfect a moot point.  What a relief!

5. Brokenness reminds me that I’m not alone.  So asking for help becomes the gift that keeps on giving.

6. Brokenness can boost creativity.  I get to shift away from “this is how I’ve always done ___”.

7. Brokenness helps me notice when I submit to the  big butt syndrome.  Whining doesn’t heal.  Healing heals.  I get to choose.

What has brokenness taught you lately?

5 thoughts on “brokenness

  1. Hello dear Lisa. Wow, did you ever hit the nail on the head with this post. In particular, “Brokenness is a profound teacher and we are all broken.” I could not agree with you more, we are ALL broken at one time or another. It is our choice to deal with our brokenness in a positive or negative way. If we remain positive about our brokenness we enrich ourselves as well as the ones around us. If we “whine” and feel pity for ourselves, blame others, including God, we remain miserable and make the people around us, who choose to stick around, miserable also. Living through both these senerio’s would definately be life teachers. Life is a gift and regardless of the cards we are dealt with we should be thankful for our remaining days and live every day to it’s fullest. You are a perfect example of that…a teacher of how to live one’s life. Thanks.

  2. Thanks Lisa, your words always touch my heart. I agree that we are all broken and how we deal with it is at the core of who we are. It is a learning experience and what I think I have learned is that being broken in some way is just a part of this journey called life.

  3. PP, Rick & Linda – thanks so much for connecting & reminding me that we really are all in This together – YAY!

  4. lisa dear~ thank you for each one of your “lessons” and your life stories~ “brokenness” is a gem~ perhaps we all need to embrace our “brokeness” parts more than we do???? or does this depend on when we become aware of our particular brokeness(es)??? blessings to you and healing energy to your mom!!! always love, jstone

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