Solvitur Ambulando (it is solved by walking). – Augustine

I love to walk.

So walking labyrinths is cool to me.

And I’m not alone.   People have been walking labyrinths for centuries.   A friend of mine likes walking labyrinths so much that he and his son created one in their backyard.   How cool is that?   After I get his permission, I’ll post an image of their masterpiece.

I’ve walked a lot of labyrinths.   I look forward to walking more.

Some are tiny.  Some are large.

Some are simply designed.  Some are elaborate.

crossnore Labyrinth  2The one pictured here is my favorite.  I discovered it early last week at The Crossnore School in Crossnore, NC.   Aside from being set in an incredibly peaceful space, its design is elaborately simple.   From what I understand, the story behind the design and building of this labyrinth is deserving of several blog posts (at least).  In short, it was created in celebration of healing, hope and  humble service.

Labyrinths are often confused with mazes even though they are completely different.  Mazes have multiple paths.  Labyrinths have one.  Mazes can help people get lost.  Labyrinths can help people find their way.   I walk labyrinths to clear my mind, open my heart and prepare my spirit for what will happen next.

If you’ve never walked a labyrinth, you might enjoy visiting this site for more information about them.

If you have walked a labyrinth, I’d love to know about your experiences.   If you haven’t, I’d love to know your impressions.

5 thoughts on “Solvitur Ambulando (it is solved by walking). – Augustine

  1. So my husband and I walked our first labrynith at Sycamore Hot Springs. (

    It was a perfect day…we slowly made our way to the middle, when we arrived, we both spoke to each other. Each of our voices echoed or reverberated or something quite indescribable happened that we couldn’t explain. My husband the engineer said it must have something to do with the concentric circles…We still wonder! So please explain this phenomena to us dear Lisa!

  2. ooooooooooo Fern ~ what a beautiful place to experience your first labyrinth!

    it’s funny you’d mention that reverberation. i’ve never experienced it. sure have heard from others that they have though. there are lottttttttts of scholarly articles published on the phenomenon. sadly, my brain doesn’t do scholarly for long these days . tell you that the concentric circles ARE often mentioned. can also tell ya that i loveeeeeeeeeee a good Mystery!

    thanks for the powerful story and for the powerful woman you are.

  3. I loved reading your post, because I too LOVE to walk – as therapy, movement, and to discover that nugget of truth or information that I inevitably stumble upon by the time I leave a labyrinth. Bless you 🙂

  4. aj, thanks so much for how you live your life. i send you all that is good.

  5. it-is-solved-by-walking – I have found this attributed to Augustine in a few places, but with no citation. Wikipedia, not the best source admittedly, attributes this saying to Diogenes of Sinope.

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