…seen any good movies lately?

I had one of those perfect Saturday afternoon movie-fests yesterday.    It rained just enough to relieve any anxiety about NOT working in the yard and to enhance those in between movie naps.   popcorn

Two of the flicks were new to me: Last Chance Harvey and Sunshine Cleaning.  The third was a rerun for me and very worth it – The Pursuit of Happyness.

Although I didn’t plan it, all three followed the same theme – hope and laughter in the midst of tough times.

Dustin Hoffman ( my favorite actor of all time) and Emma Thompson were wonderful in Harvey.  The script was smart enough to keep me listening for the many sharp one-liners.   The scene where Hoffman enters his daughter’s rehearsal dinner to find one of those obnoxious black plastic theft deterrent thingies still attached to  the sleeve of his new suit cracked me up.

Amy Adams and Emily Blunt are sisters who run a ‘bio hazard removal company” in  Sunshine Cleaning (ie – they clean up The Mess at murder and death scenes).  Alan Arkin is their quirky and loving dad.  I gotta tell you, Jason Spevack steals the movie as Amy’s son, Oscar.

Will and Jaden Smith honored Chris Gardner and his son Christopher in Happyness. I’d forgotten that we see the real Chris in the last scene of the movie (he’s the guy who walks across the street – Will Smith turns to look at him) – too kewl!

As you can tell, a movie reviewer I’m not.  What I am though, is someone who wanted to let ya’ll know about these three great flicks.

If you have seen them or do – please let me know what you think.

And hey, seen any good movies lately?

3 thoughts on “…seen any good movies lately?

  1. I love those days where all you do is lay back and watch movie after movie. When I was younger I would devote one day (usually in the summer) and see how many movies I could see at the theater. My record was four. Good times.

    Now with my own 60″ Plasma TV, Surround Sound system, comfortable lounging furniture, and Netflix, I don’t see near as many movies at the cineplex as I used to. Last weekend we watched three oldies but goodies. QUIGLEY DOWN UNDER, FREQUENCY, and THE MAN FROM SNOWY RIVER. I would heartily recommend all three. We have seen LAST CHANCE HARVEY and HAPPYNESS, enjoying both of them. SUNSHINE CLEANING is on the shelf waiting its turn, I’m sure I’ll enjoy it.

  2. ooooooooooooo Don, do you have enough popcorn for the whole class? your system sounds amazing. ENJOY and let us know what we need to see next. thanks!

    PP, DO HOPE you enjoy ’em as much as i did. thanks!

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