I had the honor of giving the Invocation at the Ribbon Cutting of a new business today. hope

The experience was beyond humbling.  This business is called Earth Element and is a yoga/art studio/book exchange. It’s thrilling.

And it’s hopeFULL.

I’m fully aware that this is a dangerous time to begin a new business.

I’m also aware that it’s a vital time to believe in beginning a new business.

At the risk of sounding overly political, last night  I heard our President say ” We’re not here to fear the future – we’re here to shape it.”

This is not  a political message.   It’s a message from one small business owner to anyone who wants to listen.

I am choosing to move forward.   I have and will continue to read all I can about what’s happening governmentally.  And I’ll make my opinion heard.

And I’ll hope.

And I’ll hope you will, too – one small business at a time.   THANKS.

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