Does “Almost Fall” count as a favorite season?

I saw my first falling leaf of the season this week.  The calendar says Fall is fast approaching.   And although we’re still months away from needing a sweater (much less a sweatshirt) here in eastern NC –  the temps are teasing us with wonderfully fresh mornings.  falling-leaf

A few months ago I posted about how tomatoes symbolize the beginning of summer for me. I do love to pay attention to symbols and shifts.

No big surprise that this is the time of year I often focus on letting things go.  My only productive project for this weekend is to move the bags I have for donation from my laundry room to my car.   Hey, baby steps DO count!

“Almost Fall”  is my favorite season.   Football season has begun. I’m not a huge sports fan.  I do love to follow ECU football, though.   Since large crowds leave me less-than-peaceful, I get to experience them vicariously through my pal Linda (thanks, woman!).

Gardens are producing new treasures. The fresh pear I had yesterday morning made me seek out exotic pear recipes to extend the joy.

A lot of people’s moods seem to improve. I dunno, maybe it’s just a Southern thing.  There is something mAgIcAl about walking outside and NOT feeling like you’re entering a sauna – ahhhhhhhhhhhh.

And the new TV season has begun. I admit it, I’m counting down the days (15 as of today) til Ken Burns’ new series about National Parks – I know, I’m a nature nerd – and proud of it.

What am I forgetting about what makes Almost Fall so great?

3 thoughts on “Does “Almost Fall” count as a favorite season?

  1. Color!
    I love the colors of Fall, and Almost Fall has some really nice subtle colors. The dogwoods are just starting their shift toward red. The poplar trees move toward golden. The grasses begin to grey. Crisper winds, fresher inhales. Love, love, love the changing winds.

  2. I love fall… It is by far my favorite season and I consider it fall right now even though it hasn’t officially started yet. LOVE it! 🙂 This post reminded me of how much I love noticing the change of seasons… like that first falling leaf!

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