making a balancing act more than an act…

A dragonfly landed on my finger this morning.

dragonfly_finger_0.previewDragonflies have fascinated me for years.   And when I found out they indicate environmental balance, I was really fascinated.

This isn’t a post about dragonflies though.  It’s about balance.

Like most people, there seems to be a lot going on in my life these days: faith, family, friends, business, politics, stuff and oh yeah… myself.

That visit from the dragonfly this morning was a great wake up call. She was reminding me that balance is vital.

So in the midst of my lists, chores, projects, priorities – Life, I’m stopping to reassess where I need to focus my energy.

I wish I was one of those people who always seems to have Life in Balance.  I’m not though.  I do OK and I get offtrack.  So here’s what I’m going to include each day – starting TODAY.

1.  Begin by paying attention to my intention for the day –  for me, that means being silent for 30 minutes, yoga and prayer time.

2. NOT log online or tune into TV/radio news until I’ve spent time with my wonderdogs – on our walk.

3. Make contact with people I love. Granted, I can’t make contact with ALL of the people I love every day – can name them though.

4. Contribute to something outside of myself and my immediate circle of loved ones.

5. Eat fruit and vegetables.  Drink plenty of water.  This kinda counts as one.

6. Move my body in ways that stretch it – just enough.

7. Plan for the UNplanned (thanks for the reminder, Robin G!).

8. Laugh out loud.

9. Cry (without guilt or excuses), if I feel so nudged.

10. Say THANK YOU.

What helps you find balance?

5 thoughts on “making a balancing act more than an act…

  1. Intention…perfect way to start the day. Your list is truthful. A good reminder for me at this time in my life. Many thanks.

  2. glad you like it, PP~

    right backatcha, Becky~

    Neill, am pleased the list is helpful to you, too.

    thanks to you all for taking the time to comment. hope you have a balanced wednesday.

  3. You my dear are one hell of a woman…what a beautiful mind you have, or should I say heart. It is the simple things in life that you so naturally point out that make us slow down, ponder and think, and appreciate and enjoy all those simple pleasures that God has blessed us with. My philosophy, and yours…never take anything for granted, even a dragonfly.

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