peace amid the storm…

Today was a day of rich conversations.

One was with a lifetime pal who is preparing for the reality that her mom is dying.  It’s been a long road.  Momma Millie has been ailing for years.  We all knew this time would come.   We thought we were ready.  Not so much.

Another was with a friend who found her seventeen year old daughter dead in the garage this morning.  This sweet girl left a note explaining that life was all just too much for her to face.  So she turned on the car and waited.  No one saw this one coming.

In a third conversation, a friend shared that she was planning to end her 30 year marriage this weekend.   She has everything in order.   It’s not that she no longer loves her husband.  It’s just that she needs a new life.   Her husband has no idea what’s about to happen.


wOw.    There is so much pain in this life.   There is also much joy.

Storms happen.  Heartbreak happens. Peace happens, too – in the midst of Life.

I find that when I’m so stuck in wanting things to be different than they are that I forget to notice the beauty of what is – I lose my peace.   So I TRY not to do that.

How do you find peace amid the storms?

3 thoughts on “peace amid the storm…

  1. The scripture, “Be still and know that I am God” Psalm 46:10 brings me a lot of peace. During difficult times, I have been still and seen God work absolute miracles!

  2. Your friends are lucky to have you as a listener, Lisa.
    That’s where I feel God’s comfort in the storms–with friends who will listen, over and over.

  3. so have i, Catherine… so have i. thanks!

    thanks for being one of those holy listeners, Robin.

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