what’s yours?

Eating a yummy breakfast in a restaurant is my favorite luxury.   breakfast

Sure, I enjoy a good mani/pedi.  They don’t hold a candle to eating breakfast out, though.   I love finishing my early morning rituals and then walking into a restaurant where someone will fix me exactly what I want for breakfast; check on me just often enough; refill my coffee cup at the perfect moment; and finally take all the dishes away to some magic place.

I get that breakfasts are not hard to make.  They’re not even expensive to make.  That’s not the point.   Its about joy.  It’s about saying, “Excuse me – may I have more joy?”   Yep, simple luxuries are about saying YES to joy.

What’s your favorite luxury?  What helps you say YES to joy?

5 thoughts on “what’s yours?

  1. I am in an oceanfront hotel room at Carolina Beach. This afternoon I had the air conditioner running and the door open a bit so I could hear the ocean. At least it wasn’t 90 degrees out.
    And I agree with you about breakfast out. This place has a breakfast buffet. Awesome.

  2. while we’re talking about breakfast…….i LOVE overcast sunday mornings with the windows open in Jackie’s kitchen, with Dale cooking home-made Pearce and Co. sausage and Mom working on the grits…..it all takes about an hour to come together while the folks from the night before start to file in and fill their coffee cups with Jackie’s fancy coffee…..eggs are prepared to order…..laughter and love fills the kitchen and i know I’m home

  3. my favorite luxury has to be a wood fire at a camp site – this is a guilty pleasure for me because everything about burning wood seems like a big eco-no-no – but then isn’t luxury all about some kind of indulgence?

  4. yummmmmmmmmmmm Sarah… gotta love their sausage. am thinking i know what i’m having for breakfast tomorrow. THANKS!

    Carol, campfires are aLwAyS good. release that guilt, woman!

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